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Stop the Kill...No Dead Goliaths!

After more than 30 years of protection the State of Florida is allowing 200 juvenile goliath grouper to be killed. We have a plan to save them...

Goliath grouper are lumbering, slow growing, long lived grouper that were once commonly found throughout the Tropical Western Atlantic, including Florida.  Prior to 1990 they were nearly hunted to extinction through widespread fishing and spearfishing. They became a protected species in 1990 and after many decades have slowly started to recover.  But goliath grouper populations are poorly documented and highly vulnerable to events like red tides, cold snaps and, fishing. Download goliath grouper fact sheet here

Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has decided to allow the killing of 200 juvenile goliath grouper by fishers.  A lottery style permit system, scheduled for October 15th-30th, 2022, will allow applicants to pay a $10 fee to enter a drawing for 200 permits.  Those chosen, will pay either $150 (Florida residents) or $500 (out of State) to obtain a permit allowing them to kill one juvenile goliath grouper between 24-36 inches in 2023.

We want to flood the lottery with entries by those who do not want to kill goliath grouper.  It will cost you $10 to enter the lottery, but if your name is drawn, we will reimburse you the permit fee ($150 or $500) if you destroy the permit.  By flooding the lottery system, we can ensure that the majority of the permits are not issued to those who want to kill a goliath.

To enter the lottery, you'll need to follow this link and create an account with the FWC's license agency. Then follow the link to "Apply for limited entry/quota permits". You'll need a credit card to pay the $10 fee. Apply for both Category II and Category I (including Everglades National Park) permits as there is no additional cost for the second permit application.

After you've applied, fill out the WAV Alliance #StopTheKill form by clicking here.  If your name is drawn in the lottery, we will reimburse your permit fee following the details explained on the #StopTheKill form.

For more information on the State of Florida's Goliath Grouper lottery, go to the FWC site here.

For scientific information on why this kill does not make sense, click here. And here.


Share this far and wide via our WAV Alliance Facebook page here and #StoptheKill and #NoDeadGoliaths

To donate to this effort click here

Let's flood the lottery and #StopTheKill - #NoDeadGoliaths!

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